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Set of 6 larger cased enamelled teaspoons in .925 Sterling standard silver, hallmarked in Norway circa 1950 by silversmith, goldsmith and jeweller Jakob Tostrup with "tankard" mark.

Silver enamelled teaspoons Thistle motif to terminal

  • These Norwegian enamelled teaspoons are larger than the normal teaspoon and are enamelled in pastel colours on the stem. Each terminal is cast as a thistle and enamelled between the raised detail of the thistle motif. They are beautifully gilded. They come with a case which is a little tired but serviceable, missing catch. 

    The teaspoon are a good size and weight; together weighing 105 grams and measuring nearly 13 cms long. This design is usually seen in the smaller demi-tasse and coffee spoon size but these are a much chunkier size. 
    The spoons are in excellent condition with little if any tip wear. The enamelling is excellent on 5 spoons except for a little crazing on the pale green spoon - please see photo.

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