lovely Hukin and Heath modernist designed silver spoon after a design by Christopher Dresser, hallmarked in London in 1895. May be a jam/preserve spoon or a teaspoon. 

Silver Christopher Dresser spoon Hukin and Heath 1895

  • Christopher Dresser designed jam spoon made by Hukin and Heath and hallmarked in London in 1895.  In good antique condition with a lovely patina, the spoon measures 5 inches long and 1 inch across the bowl. It weighs 12 grams. 

    Hukin and Heath were established in 1855 initially in Birmingham and registered their mark In London in 1879. They were famously associated with Dr Christopher Dresser in the 1870s and 1880s whose modern designs were and still are highly collected. His silver and plated designs continued to be made into the 1900s. 
    When Hukin retired in 1881, Heath formed a partnership with John Hartshorne Middleton but still using the Hukin and Heath name. In 1904 the business becomes a limited company.