Solid silver 4 piece tea service assayed in Glasgow, Scotland in 1925. This is an exceptional quality tea set being made of Britannia standard silver (958 parts per 1000 which is a higher standard than Sterling silver which is 925 parts per 1000) and which makes it more valuable and gives it a much whiter and purer appearance.

Scottish Silver Tea Service


  • The tea service has a wonderful design which reflects the Celtic revival period in Scotland and Ireland and the influence of the Arts and Crafts movement. The pieces are all encircled with a band of Celtic designs and the handles are attached to the bodies of each piece with dragons' heads. The spouts are designed as the heads and beaks of birds. Reflecting the high quality of this set the hinges are beautifully made and almost disappear from sight when the lids are closed.

    The gauge of the silver is substantial. The overall weight is 2114gms or just under 68 Troy ounces. The tea pot is 6.5 ins (17cms)high and 10.5 ins (27 cms) across. The water jug/coffee pot is 8.5 ins high(21.5cms)

    Maker: Fenton Russell and Co Ltd.