A beautiful pair of solid gauge silver salt spoons in the rare albert pattern with engraved heraldic motif 1845. Please also see the matching set of 8 similar spoons with same motif 1840/41. 

Pair Rare Albert pattern heavy Silver Salt condiment spoons ladles 1845

  • A pair of heavy solid silver salt or condiment spoons by Samuel Hayne and Dudley Carter hallmarked in London in 1845. In the rare Albert pattern, these spoons are of exceptional quality and in great condition.  They both have lovely gold washed or gilded bowls to protect the silver from the corrosive elements in the condiment/salt etc. Excellent set of good clear hall marks on both spoons.

    Very good gauge silver. There is a dog's or hound's head crest with its ears pricked engraved on the terminal of each spoon.  Please see the photographs.  
    We are also listing a set of 8 very slightly larger Albert pattern salt spoons with the same crest by a different maker - Wm Eaton.
    Length: 11.3 cms 
    Weight: 60 grams.
    Condition: In very good antique condition commensurate with age and light/normal usage. Excellent hallmarks