Pair of Art Deco silver candlesticks carrying a full set of hallmarks for  Birmingham 1946 by Sydney and Co. 

Pair of Silver Candlesticks Birmingham 1946

  • Silver medium sized candlesticks in good antique condition. Hexagonal shaped base with conforming pattern to top of stick. Weighted and filled for stability with felted base. Made by Sydney and Co. In Art Deco sytle which still remained the vogue for the first few years following WWII. 

    Condition: Some surface scratches surface marks and dings in line with their age and normal usage. There is a small dent on one of the angles near the base near a scratch please see close up photo of this, but nothing that detracts from them as nice table candlesticks. 

    They are 10 ins high, 3 ins across the base and they weigh 843 grams.


    They are 10 ins high 3 ins across the base and they weigh 843 grams