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A lovely Georgian silver vinaigrette by the famous silversmith Nathaniel Mills 1828.

Nathaniel Mills Georgian Silver Vinaigrette 1828

  • A lovely Georgian silver vinaigrette by the illustrious and highly collectable silversmith Nathaniel Mills. Hallmarked in Birmingham in 1828. Engraved lid with a foliate and floral engraved border, central vacant cartouche. Reeded sides. The base has a decorative central oblong area and is slightly bulbous.  Gilded interior. Clear hallmarks, delicate ornate hinged grill. 

    3.5 x 2 x 1 cm

    Condition: Good antique condition commensurate with age and normal usage. Hinges work well, opens and closes v easily. Good Georgian patina - not over polished. Gilding still present. Please see all photographs

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