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Hand crafted silver and enamel pendant with interchangeable enamel disks. Hand made enamel disk set in a hand made celtic designed engraved silver mount.Each pendant comes with a fitted enamel disk, none of them will be identical , please specify the main colour that you desire.

Handcrafted Silver enamel interchangeable pendant

  • Silver and enamel pendant made in York Minster Antiques own studios by Jon Braganza. Each is hand made and approximately 1.5 inches in diameter. The enamelled central cabochon can be removed and replaced with a different one to match your outfit.

    The cabochons are hand fired enamel so each will be different and will be available in most colours.

    There are six different celtic design silver surround mounts to choose from each one is hand engraved.  Each pendant comes with one central interchangeable enamelled cabochon - and others are available separately.

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