Superb heavy gauge English Sterling silver (925) jug. Celtic dragon design pattern. Holland, Aldwinckle & Slater London 1899.

Exceptional quality heavy gauge silver jug 1899

  • A superb heavy gauge English Sterling silver (925) jug made with a stunning Celtic dragon design pattern. Made in London by Holland, Aldwinckle & Slater and assayed in London in 1899.

    The quality of this piece is exceptional. It has been made by a real master craftsman who has chased and engraved the Celtic design deep into thick substantial silver.

    The design reflects the Celtic revival seen in Irish and Scottish pieces of this era and those of the arts and crafts silversmiths.

    The jug stands 6.5 inches tall at its highest point on the handle, the lip of the jug being 6 inches from the base. It weighs 324 grams or approximately 10.4 Troy ounces.

    It is in excellent overall condition with a light surface patina commensurate with its age and light usage. The hallmarks are a little worn but perfectly legible.

    By the important firm of Holland, Aldwinckle & Slater which was established circa 1838. In 1883 the firm purchased the business of Chawner and Co. They supplied silver to many other leading silver manufacturers including Hunt and Roskell, Elkington and the Royal court jewellers, Poile and Smith. The company continued up until 1932.