A very rare set of three nesting Emile Galle marquetry tables. All signed Galle in marquetry. These tables are extremely beautiful each one with a different arctic scene defined in a variety of different fruit and exotic woods. 

Emile Galle nest of three marquetry tables c1910

  • The maker has used the natural texture of the wood to define the scene, for example by using the grain of the wood to represent the animals' fur. Calamander wood sides. Made at the etablissement de Galle in France circa 1910 - 1920 after the death of Galle. Famous for glass, Galle's workshops produced also a number of beautiful art nouveau style tables eg the famous dragon fly table. These tables are unusual as they are not the usual sinuous art nouveau shape. There are only a few examples of these particular tables: a set was sold at Christie's sale of Elton John's art nouveau and deco items in 1988 and a set sold in the Netherlands in 2012 with an asking price of over 16,000 euros. The largest table is 14 inches high and just under 26 inches across.