Charles II snuff box set with a silver half crown dated 1670

Charles II snuff box 1670

  • Snuff box inset with Charles II silver half crown. The coin is dated 1670. The box itself appears to be made of brass with tin plating to some parts. The lid is hinged and fashioned to take the half crown. On the bottom of the box is engraved the date 1670 and the words Carolvs II. The outside of the box has been well handled and has a smooth feel and worn patina.

    The coin's surface on the outside of the lid is worn - please see photograph but the surface of the coin on the inside of the box shows very little wear which indicates to us that the coin has been inset into the lid since the coin was issued in 1670.

    The box is approximately 2 inches across, and 1.5 inches high.

    Charles the second was born in 29 May 1630 and died in 1684. He was the son of Charles the First who was beheaded at the end of the English Civil War. Following his father's death Charles II lived in exile in France while England was ruled as a Republic by Oliver Cromwell. On Cromwell's death Charles returned to England where he was crowned in 1660.

    The date 1670 is significant as it was the date of the Treaty of Dover in which among other things France agreed to support Charles reinstate Roman Catholicism in England. It is possible that the box commemorates this.