Tibetan cast statue of Buddhist Deity Vaishravana 

Bronze Tibetan statue of Vaishravana c 1800

  • Tibetan bronze statue of Vaishravana with wax seal official export stamp which is placed on antiques to ensure legal export. The bronze itself is around 1800.

    The statue depicts the wrathful protective Buddhist deity bringer of wealth in a seated position with a mongoose on his right hand. The mongoose is shown ejecting jewels from its mouth. The mongoose is the enemy of the snake, a symbol of greed or hatred; the ejection of jewels represents generosity.

    In his right hand he is holding a citrus fruit. His right foot is supported by a lotus flower and rests on a conch shell. All these symbols are characteristic of the Tibetan depiction of this deity

    The bronze is approx 24 cms high and weighs 1.96KG