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Arts and Crafts planished silver teapot by A E Jones Birmingham 1924

Arts and Crafts Silver Teapot A E Jones 1924

  • A planished silver tea pot by Albert Edward Jones (1878 - 1954) hallmarked in Birmingham 1924.

    The tea pot is in excellent condition showing a lovely patina in keeping with its age and usage. The original planishing marks reflect and deflect the light beautifully. The tea pot has a fruit wood handle and finial.

    Weight: 521 grams

    Height: 14.5 cms

    Width: 21 cms across from handle to spout.

    It holds 1.5 pints of tea and pours beautifully.

    Albert Edward Jones was born in 1878 into a family of
    of craftsmen and the care and attention given to each piece is evident in his work especially the earlier work.

    He worked as a guildsman at the Birmingham Guild of Handicraft which enabled him to work with many leading artists of the Arts and Crafts movement. Their influence shaped much of his early work which is evident in this teapot.

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