Late 19th Century Bhuddist bronze statue statue of a Thai Bodhisattva depicting a person who is "bound for enlightenment" on the path to becoming an  fully enlightened being.

Antique Thai bronze statue of Bodhisattva

  • Bronze statue of Bodhisattva. In Buddhism, a bodhisattva (is an enlightenment (bodhi) being (sattva). Anyone motivated by compassion who has has generated a spontaneous wish to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all beings can become a Bodhisattva. The term Bodhisattva can also be used to refer to Buddha in his former lives.

    The bodhisattva is a popular subject in Buddhist art, this particular statue is Thai where Bodhisattva is also known as phothisat.

    The statue measures 11 inches in height, the base is just under 3 inches diameter. It weighs 946 grams or 33.36 ounces.